About Me

Hi, my name is David Bush.

This is really just a place for me to experiment and explore some web concepts and to keep track of a few things. See the "Stuff I Like" and "Todo" sections below.

Currently Working On

  • [*] Add items to "Stuff I Like" section
  • [*] Add more gift ideas


  • [ ] Add email to find me
  • [ ] Remove redundant code using components
  • [ ] Change "Bush Labs" in nav bar to be an actual home link
  • [ ] Fix image stretching on anime page
  • [ ] Organize the anime page better


  • [X] Add anime page
  • [X] Switch bushlabs.com to use Tailwind CSS
  • [X] Switch bushlabs.com to use Nuxt

Stuff I Like

Find Me

You may find me here: